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Clash of Clans is absolutely best construction and strategy game at this moment for all iOS and Android devices. There is no question about it, considering the qualities of this game, massive player base and hard working Supercell studio with people who are actively trying to develop and further advance all aspects of their game. If there is one minus to this game, then it would be the unfair advantage for all players who are willing to spend money and buy Gems which, in turn, can greatly help with all aspects of the game, from building, through combat and defense, up to end- level gaming which is absolutely reserved for players willing to invest big money into Clash of Clans. Clash of Clans Cheats is just the thing all the other, so called free-to-play gamers, need if they want to compete with pay-to-play gamers. Among other things, Clash of Clans Hack Tool has special tab dedicated to additional game cheats, which are applicable in combat, during construction of your settlement, and for multiplayer battles.

Clash Of Clans Cheats Added

Available Cheats

Clash of Clans Cheats is collection of nine different cheats applicable in combat or during construction. “Fast building” is one of the best Clash of Clans Cheats, because it allows you to instantly finish any of your buildings without spending a single Gem! Basically you can just click on your buildings under construction and choose option to finish it at once; you will see that the price is 0 gems. This feature from Clash of Clans Cheats Tool works also for upgrading the buildings. Next one from Cheats for Clash of Clans is “Double damage” cheat which will simply double the damage of all your troops! Just don’t forget that this double damage bonus lasts until you exit your current game, so you need to use Clash of Clans Cheats again before next login and activate it again. Third Cheat from Clash of Clans Cheats is “Add Builder”. This cheat is simply awesome, both for free-to-play gamers who probably have 1 to 3 builders (and probably don’t have enough gems to buy 4th and 5th builder which are most expensive) and for pay-to-play gamers who probably have maximum of 5 builders already. “Add builder” will get you additional builder, together with his house if you still have up to 5 builders after applying it. In case you already have 5 builders and use this Clash of Clans Cheat, you will get 6th builder, only he comes without a house. This cheat will get you to maximum of 6 builders, after that it has no effect. “One week shield” is fourth of Clash of Clans Cheats. We all know that each shield in Clash of Clans has its own cooldown equal to 5x its duration. Pay-to-play players in Clash of Clans know that maximum protection for your settlement is 14 days in 35 days period. Only shield which is free is automatic shield your settlement gets after successful attack and pillage. All other shields must be paid with Gems, and free-to-play gamers just don’t have enough resources to buy them. To make things worse, your shield automatically drops if you attack other player (single player missions don’t count). Clash of Clans Cheats can fix this by adding free One week shield to your settlement, which has no cooldown! You can use it indefinitely! If you don’t attack other players, you can stay shielded for unlimited time, provided you use Clash of Clans Cheats and activate the shield each week. You can even attack players, and after you are done disconnect from the game, use Clash of Clans Cheats to activate shield, and login to game again, and you will have your shield again. Next of COC Cheats is “Town Hall Hack”, exceptional feature for starting players. By using this hack you will instantly get town hall level 10 in your settlement! Not only it is the highest level Town Hall available in this moment, but it also unlocks all existing buildings and upgrades at once when you activate this feature from Clash of Clans Cheats! Dark Elixir Hack is certainly one of the most powerful Clash of Clans Cheats, considering the fact that Dark elixir is resource in game which is hardest to collect, next to Gems. At least you can pay for Gems, while Dark Elixir can only be extracted or plundered. Or you can use Clash of Clans Cheats and instantly fill up your Dark elixir storage to the maximum when you activate this hack! The total amount of Dark Elixir you will get depends on the level and capacity of your Dark Elixir Storage building, so you will get only 20.000 Dark Elixir if you have level 2 storage, but if you have level 6 storage you will get as much as 200.000 Dark Elixir with each use of Clash of Clans Cheats! Next of Clash of Clans Cheats is “Trophies Hack”. It will disguise your true number of trophies and display them as 300 for the purposes of matching with opponents for multiplayer game. This hack will allow you to “farm” lower level players and get massive amounts of resources and additional trophies easily. Please have in mind that your actual number of trophies remains unchanged and will be seen on screen, and by starting COC Cheats and checking Trophies hack again you can turn off the cheat whenever you want. “Max storages” will instantly upgrade all your existing storages to maximum level possible (if your Town Hall level allows it), which is especially useful before you activate Dark Elixir, Gold or Elixir hack and fill them up. Last of Clash of Clans Cheats is “Instant researches” which will allow you to instantly finish all your researches and troop upgrades. It works just like “Fast building” cheat except it is applied to troops. Using Clash of Clans Cheats is very simple, you just need to check all the cheats you want to activate and press “Add Cheats” button below!

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